Greek; Kingdom of Cappadocia; Ariobarzanes II BCE 62-52

AR Drachm, 3.16 g, Regnal Yr. 8=BCE 56-55
BMC 1, Simonetta 2a
O: diad hd of Ariobarzanes II r.
R: BAΣIΛEΩΣ API·BAPZAN·Y ΦIΛ·ΠAT·P·Σ/ H, Athena stg l. holding Nike spear and shield .

According to Sear’s Greek Coins, Ariobarzanes II was the son of Ariobarzanes I (BCE 95-63). He married Athenais, a daughter of Mithradates VI of Pontus. After a troubled reigh of little more than a decade he was assassinated by members of a pro-Parthian faction. (p. 688)

The coins of this ruler appear to be among the harder to locate pieces for this particular series,
in fact according to Simonetta, this coin is R4 (extremely rare), He notes examples in his own collection and that of Cabinet des Médailles only. This example would be a 3rd, wildwinds has another (4th), and therefore at a minimum there appear to be 5 extant examples of this type, though it could reach a maximum of 11 examples if we were able to determine if the four noted at the ANS are all year 7 or mixed 7 & 8.
A problem with assessing the total number arises as Simonetta notes due to "...most...that have reached us bear a date 'off flan'." (B. Simonetta, The Coins of the Cappadocian Kings, p. 43).

Ex: Amphora
Acquisition: 2004