Titus CE 79-81; Provincial Judea Capta Issue

Titus CE 79-81 (struck as Caesar c. CE 71-73) AE 20, 6.82g (found in Jordan)
O: Laureate hd of Titus r. AVTOKP TITOC KAICAP
R: Nike stands r with l. foot on helmet, she writes witih r. hand on shield hanging from palm tree, IOYΔAIAΣ EAΛωKYIAΣ (“Judea Vanquished”),
AJC II, 288, 2. HENDIN 743,
Meshorer reports the O & R inscriptions as AYTOKP TIT OΣ KAIΣAP and IOYΔAIAΣ EAΛΩKYIAΣ.
SNG VI:464-476 (four of the examples bear countermarks) record the following variations as well.
O: AVTOKPTITO ΣKAIΣAP And then the following reverse inscription variations:
IOVΔAIACEA ΛωKYIAC [This is the reverse inscription born by this coin.]

It appears that this design appeared between CE 71-73. There is a sestertius of similar design minted in CE 72 (H.793) that helps lead to this supposition. The title AUTOKRATOR/IMPERATOR was granted Titus in CE 71 therefore this supports the initial date of CE 71 as this title appears on the obs of this coin. The maximum period of issue could be CE 71-79 as Titus acquired the title SEBASTOS/AUGUSTUS upon the death of his father, and this title is not part of the inscription. It is fair to say, that the issuance period for this coin is indeed CE 71-79, though the earlier period may well be likely and acceptable also. The range of CE 69-81 as seen in some descriptions is unlikely for the reasons noted here.

Ex: D. Connors