Judea; Herodian; Herod Agrippa CE 37-44

AE Prutah, 15 x 17 mm, 2.92 g, CE 41-42
H. 553
O: umbrella with fringe, AΓPIΠA BACIΛEWC
R: three ears of barley growing between two leaves, flanked by date, Lς

Ex: Amphora/D. Hendin

Acquisition: 2004
Illustrated below is the obverse of a 1 Agora (pl. Agorot) coin that was inspired by the reverse of the Herod Agrippa coin. Like many of Israel's modern coins, this one harkens back to an earlier design for its inspiration. This particular coin was utilized from 1960-1980 when it was finally taken from circulation.