Greece/Illyria; Dyrrachium after BCE 229

AR Drachm, 17 mm, 3 g

GCV 1899 v, SNG Cop 459

O: cow stg r suckling calf, above magistrates name in nominative case, around circle of dots, in ex. Rudder (o/c). MENIΣΚΟΣ

R: double stellate or floral pattern within double linear square, above ΔΥΡ(o/c); around name of the Eponymos(?) in the genitive case,[ AP ]/ XIΠ / ΠOY, cf. Maier, 144*

*Maier, Alfred; Die Silberprägung von Apollonia und Dyrrhachion, NZ XLI (1908), p. 1ff.

Ex: Frank S. Robinson
Acquisition: 2005