Iran/Sassanian Two Examples

Khushro Anurshivan CE 531-579

AR Drachm, 31 mm, 3.71 g, mint MY=Meshan in S. Iraq
Year 45 =c. CE 575
O: hd of Shah r.
R: Fire altars and attendants

Ex: Windsor Antiquities NY
Acquisition: 2005

Iran/Sassanian; Yazdgard III  CE 632-651

AR Drachm 3.45 g., 23 x 33 mm, Sakastan mint Yr. 3, CE 634-635 

O : corrupted legend that reads « Long Live Yazdgard »
R:fire altar with two attendants,  SK , see Pahlavi example  above right. (on right on coin). Dated Yr. 3 on left in Pahlavi that reads as noted above on the left.   

Large chip from 3-5 o’clock and a large flan crack of about 10 mm in length from 4 o’clock pointing towards but never reaching 11 o’clock.

Acquisition: 2010