Greece/Seleucid; Philip I Philadelphus BCE c. 95/4-perhaps 76/5

AR Tetradrachm, 28 mm, 15.33g., 12h, Unattributed Issue of Northern Syria or Cilicia

SC 2469 (R3) 

O: diademed hd of Philip I r., diadem ends falling straight behind, fillet border.

R: Zeus std l., holding Nike and sceptre, laurel wreath border. [Β]ΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΦΙΛΙΠΠOY in two lines on the r., ΕΠΙΦAΝΟΥ[Σ Φ]ΙΛΑΔΕΛΦ[OY] in two lines on l.

Primary Control: Δ omicron, inner left

this is likely the second known example. the reference for this is Naville X, 15 June 1925, lot 1550 (15.38 g)

the obs is a die match for the Naville example but the rev dies are different, though this example clarifies the note in SC regarding the possibility of an 'M' control under the throne. What was thought to be an 'M' (as surmised in SC) and resolved here is that the M was in fact a conjunction of the far leg of the throne, the right foot of Zeus tucked under the front of the throne and the drapery coming off his lap, as illustrated below: