ISLAMIC/Khwarezm Shahs; 'Ala ad-din Muhammad (علاءالدین محمد) CE 1200-1220; three Jitals


A & B are the same issues of the Rajput Bull type minted in Peshawar. Note two different obs and rev dies were utilized in the striking of these two examples.

both are Tye 293 v
and Album 1741

A is 16 mm and 2.98 g
B is 14 mm and 3.3 g

AE Jital, 17mm, 2.22 g, Kurzuwan mint.

Tye 246
Album 1731.2

O: Kurz/uwan in center with As-Sultan al-'Azim Muhammad bin as-Sultan around
R; Shahada below Allah, and "an-Nasir" at bottom.

 cf. Kurzuwan Mongol seige issues of similar type