GREEK/Seleucid; Antiochos IV Epiphanes BCE 175-164; four examples from Seleucia on Tigris

Seleucia on the Tigris mint c. BCE 173/2 or later 
SC 1510    

O: rad head of Antiochos r behind hd A/X denomination  
R: goddess with polos std l, on high backed throne, holding Nike and sometimes scepter, bird stg l at feet, dotted border, ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ on r and ANTIOXOY on l.  
AE 16 mm Chalkous, 3.38 g, 1h

AE 16 mm Chalkous, 4.07g, 1h
AE 16 mm Chalkous, 4.51g, 1h
AE 15 mm Chalkous, 4.69g, 1h

Note: the bird on the reverse was thought to be an Ibis but SC notes that LeRider commented that on the best preserved specimens it was thought to be an eagle.