Antoninus Pius CE 138-161 Provincial Judea

Provincial Syria Palaestina (Judea)
ASHKELON AE 16 mm, 2.79 g, c. CE 157-158
SNG VI 729v , RPC 6393 v
O: [CEBACTOC ANTωNINOC] laur bust of emperor r.
R: ACKAΛω[N AΞC], Phanebal stg. l.

Purchased in Jerusalem on Bab As-Silsileh in the Old City for 10 ₪ in 1987

The dealer from whom this coin (and an Ayyubid dirham from Halab as well) was purchased, literally had several large jars filled from top to bottom with ancient and medieval coins, many still with the dirt on them. The jars took up much of the space in his small market stall which was not well lit as I recall it.

Ten Sheqels at the time was equivalent to about 6 USD, this being the final negotiated price down from twenty Sheqels each. My only regret is that I didn't have more time in the gentleman's store to explore at least one of his several jars to see what other interesting items he had had.