Greece/Seleucid; Antiochus II Theos BCE 261-246

AE 10mm, 0.77g, 12h, Sardes mint

SC 530.1 (as no controls are readily visible)
WSM 1384
HSC 288 (R2-3)

O: laur. Hd of Apollo three quarters r.

R: BAΣΙΛΕΩΣ on r. ANTIOXOY on l., tripod, standing on Seleucid symbol (anchor r.)

Most if not all of the inscription is not readily visible

ISLAMIC/Artuqid (Mardin), Najm ad-Din as-Sa'id Ghazi I AH 637-658/CE 1239-1260

AR Dirham, 22mm, 2.7 g, 7h. Mardin mint AH 643/CE 1245-1246

Album 1834.2 (S)

O: outer hexagram Shahada
inner hexagram al-Imam al-Mustasim/billahi Amir al-Mu'minin

R: outer hexagram duriba bi-Mardin sanah thalatha arba'in sittami'ah
inner hexagram al-Malik as-Salih Ayyub/ al-Malik as-Sa'id Ghazi


GREECE/Lesbos; Mytilene; c. BCE 377-326

EL Hekte, 10 mm, 2.53g, 12h.

Bodenstedt 89
SNG Copenhagen - 
Weber 5624

O: Wreathed head of Dionysos right
R: Wreathed head of Persephone right within linear square.

Ex: Roma Numismatics Ltd, 15 lot 208 (31 Jan 2015)

(originally classified as B. 85 by auction house)


GREECE/Samaria 4th Century BCE

AR Half-Ma’ah/Hemiobol; 7mm, 0.26g, c. BCE 375-333

Meshorer & Qedar 189 (This coin illustrated on plate 26 of Meshorer & Qedar Samarian Coinage, INS, Jerusalem, 1999)

O: Head of Persian satrap right wearing a tiara

R: Young male head right

Ex: CNG 353 portion lot 791 (17 June 2015)

Ex: CNG 117:76 (29 June 2005)

CNG photo of Lot 76 from EA 117 in 2005 that also appears in article referenced below.

This coin illustrated on plate 1 #6 as well as mentioned in text in INR 6:2011 for article “Tiarate Heads on Samarian Coins” by Jarosław Bodzek (pp. 3-19)


Israel 1948/9 250 Prutah varieties illustrated

KM# 15 CuNi, 32.2 mm, mintage 1,496,000 with pearl

O: oat sprigs with ISRAEL in Hebrew above and Arabic below.
R: 250 Prutah (with frozen date) 5709 within wreath.

Two varieties exist in CuNi, one with the pearl and one without. The pearl appears under the bar connecting the wreath on the reverse. 

              variety with pearl enlarged                                                           variety without pearl enlarged

KM# 15 CuNi, 32.2 mm, mintage 524,000 without pearl

The variety with the pearl appears to be the more valuable example despite the lower mintage of the variety without the pearl. 

There is an example that was not placed in circulation that was 50% silver KM #15a with a mintage of 44,000, though still averaging a lower catalogue value than the CuNi pearl variety.