ISLAMIC/Iran; Qajar; Muhammad Shah CE 1834-1848 محمد شاه قاجار

AR Qiran 17mm, 4.06 g, Isfahan mint, no discernable date but possibly AH 1255 as these are most abundant..

Album 2913

O: Muhammad Anbiya' Shahanshah (Muhammad King of the Prophets)
R: "struck at Isfahan dar as-Sultanah" date is off the planchet.

ISLAMIC/Hafsid Anonymous c. AH 700/ CE 1300

AR Dirham, 1.3 g, 16 mm, possibly Tunis? mint but not legible on this poorly struck example.

Album 514 (S)

According to Album, Hafsid square dirhams "are identical to the Muwahhidun, but are written in square Kufic instead of rounded Naskhi script, but are much coarser than the Muwahhidun Kufic equivalent (cf. A-496A)…." (Album Checklist page 84, 3rd edition).

on the right side photo the three line inscription that appears on square dirhams of the Muwahhidun also appears here "Allah Rubna/Muhammah Rasulna/al-Mahdi Imamna", though much of the inscription is obscured by the poor strike.