Greece/Troas, Abydos. Circa 387-335 BCE

AR Drachm - 13mm (2.54 g)

O: Laureate head of Apollo left
R: Eagle standing left; AB[Y-ΕΦ]ΑΡΜΟΣΤΟ[Σ] , ram's head before, poppy behind.

Weber 5264 (this coin...see inset to right); SNG Copenhagen 18; BMC Troas pg. 3, 28, SNG III 2725 Lockett Collection (referred to as a "half-siglos" which is likely logical considering that it appears to be under the average weight for a drachm though spot on for a half-siglos)

AMC # 5330

Dealer notes: Toned VF.

Ex: B P Murphy
Ex: Sir Hermann Weber (1823-1918) Collection, #5264

Sir Hermann Weber
Acquisition: 2008