IRAN/Parthia (Arsakid); Vonones I CE 8-12

AR Drachm 20mm, 3.83g, 12h, Ekbatana mint c. 10-12 CE

Sellwood 60.5
Shore 329

O: diad head left, BACIΛϵYC ONωNHC

R: Nike adv r holding wreath and palm, Ecbatana monogram below. Inscription around the outside in a square BACIΛϵYC/ ONωNHC/NϵIKHCAC/ APTABANON

An interesting propaganda piece for a short lived victory over Artabanus, who was the eventual victor in the struggle with Vonones. Vonones had spent time in Rome as a hostage and seems to have acquired a very Roman boastfulness that didn't serve him well with the Parthian public. For that matter it didn't serve him too well with the Romans either. So much for cross cultural polination two millenia ago.