Greece/Seleucid; Antiochus VIII Epiphanes (Grypos) BCE 121-96

AR Tetradrachm; 16.40 g, 31 x 28 mm, 12 h. Antioch Mint, struck circa BCE 121-113.

O: Diademed head right

R: BAΣΙΛΕΩΣ ANTIOXOY EΠΙΦΑΝΟΥΣ, Zeus Uranios standing left, crescent above head, holding scepter in left hand, star above extended right hand; IE/A to outer left; all within wreath with Φ at 6 o'clock where the wreath halves meet.

SMA 377; Babelon -; SNG Spaer 2500 v; CSE-, SC 2298.1b

Dealer Notes: Fully lustrous, few "bag" marks on cheek. Reverse bold and fully lustrous.
Close up of Zeus Uranios from reverse of this coin with nice artistic detail.

Ex: Eukratides Numismatics/Brad Bowlin
Ex: CNG EA 182 portion lot 307 (20 Feb 2008)

Acquisition: 2008
Tantalus ID#35546