Diocletian CE 284-305

AE Antoninianus, 3.86 g, c. 286-287 CE, Ticinum mint

O: rad cuir bust r, IMP C VAL DIOCLETIANVS AVG

R: Jupiter l with thunderbolt, IOVI CONSERVAT in ex/TXXIT

Acquisition: 1976

Caracalla CE 198-217 “Limes” Denarius

AE “Limes” Denarius c. CE 207, 2.4 g
RCV 6864 v

O: laur hd of Caracalla r. unbearded, ANTONINVS PIVS AVG
R: Caracalla stg r PONTIF TRP X COS II

Ex: Alex G. Malloy

Acquisition: 2001

Period of Constantine CE 330-346 Commemorative

AE 3 / 4, 18 mm, 2.94 g, Heraclea mint
RIC VIII Heracl 57 R

O: CONSTAN-TINOPOLIS, bust of Constantinople l.
R: Victory stg l. r foot on prow holding sceptre and leaning on shield, in ex: ·SMHA

Acquisition: 2005

Greece/Lokris; Opuntia BCE 369-338

AR ¼ Stater, 2.43 g, 13 x 17 mm
S. 2330 v

O: Hd of Persephone r.

R: Ajax with griffin on shield r.

Ex: Frank S. Robinson

Acquisition: 2005

Greece/Thessaly; Larissa BCE 395-344

AE 17 mm, 3.75 g
SNG Cop. 142 v

O: Hd of nymph rt
R: (uncleaned reverse) Horse stg r about to roll

Ex: John Jencek
Acquisition: 2006

Judea/Hasmonean; Mattathias Antigonus BCE 40-37

AE Four Prutot, 7.56 g, 19mm
M. 37, Hendin 482

O: Hebrew inscription: Mattatayah Ha-Kohen Ha-Gadol… “Mattatayah, the High Priest…”

R: Greek in 2, 3, or 4 lines within wreath and border of dots

Ex: Ofek Coins (Israel)
Acquisition: 2005