GREEK/Seleucid; Antiochos IX Kyzicenos BCE 114/113-95

AR Drachm, 4.02 g 16.5 mm 12h, Uncertain Mint (Spaer thought Northern Syria)
SNG Von Post 603 (this coin)
SNG Spaer 2720 
(from plate for SC 2400 which used Spaer 2720 as the example depicted)
Naville X 15-18 June 1925, lot 1483
SC 2400
HGC 1239d (R3) 

O: diad. Hd rt. Dotted border
R: Nike adv left holding out wreath, [BA]ΣIΛEΩΣ/[A]NTIOXOY on right  and [Φ]IΛ-OΠATOPOΣ on inner left with controls on outer left AΩ monogram above Δ 

From the three examples that have been identified, it appears that all of the three coins were produced from the same obverse and reverse dies, meaning a single die produced all three examples.  Without additional examples I think it may be premature to jump to any conclusions on the basis of just this observation at this time. If you are aware of other examples of this coin, please email me.

It may be that Von Post acquired this coin while he was Swedish Ambassador in Turkey from 1946-1951.  Though we can only surmise through this information that the possible find spot was somewhere in that region, perhaps even Cilicia where it is possible that it was minted.  Though no certain conclusions can be reached with our circumstantial evidence being stretched to such ends. Without the original information on the provenance of the coin we are left poorer and our theories on origin all the weaker.

Eric von Post
Ex: Sotheby’s (UK); Coins Medals & Banknotes Auction, "The Collection of Greek Coins formed by Eric Von Post (1899-1990)", 9 October 1995, sold as a portion of lot 228.
it appears that the write ups for the coins were taken literally from SNG Von Post. The information about the mint being Antioch and that the drachm is a variety of SMA 404 are wholly incorrect as we now know and likely an example of expediency rather than scholarship on the cataloger's part.
The winning bid of £638 for the lot exceeded the original estimates. In 1995 USD, that was equivalent to $1,006.70 or approximately $201.34 for each of the five coins in the lot.  With inflation, that winning bid would be approximately $1,623.58 or $324.72 for each coin in 2017 USD. (thanks to Ella Hall of Sothebys (NY) Coin Dept for price realized).

Resources consulted:
Sotheby's Auction Catalogue 9 October 1995
Houghton etal, Seleucid Coins Part II (Vol 1 & 2)
Newell, SMA
SNG Spaer
SNG Von Post
Naville X 1925
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Thanks are extended to ANS Librarian David Hill who provided copies of the pertinent portions of Naville X and the Sotheby's auction catalogues.

ISLAMIC/Palembang; Mahmud Badruddin II 1804-1821

Tin Piti, 19 mm, 1.29 g, undated, Robinson #14 (R1)

Inscription reads:
ضرب في بلد فلمبغ دار الاسلام

ISLAMIC/Palembang; Mahmud Badruddin II 1804-1821

Tin Piti, 17 mm, 0.80 g, AH 1219/CE 1804, Robinson #10 (R1)

Inscription reads from bottom left around to bottom right:
مصروف في بلد فلمبغ ١٢١٩

ISLAMIC/Palembang; Muhammad Badruddin II 1776-1804, Three Pitis

Left: 13 mm, 0.44 g  Robinson # 5.5 (R1) AH 1193 (though appears to be 1183 due to poorly executed numeral) /CE 1779

Center: 14 mm, 0.57 g Robinson #5 (R1) same date.

Right: 14 mm, 0.41 g, Robinson #5.9 (R2) date is poorly executed as 113 rather than 1193

The general inscription reads:
في بلد فلمبغ
سنة ١١٩٣