ROMAN/ Geta, as Caesar CE 198-209

AR Denarius, 17 x 19 mm, 2.33 g, 12h, Rome mint c. CE 203-208

RIC Geta 47 (R)
BMC p. 245 note 454 ("The denarius quoted by C.86 is very doubtful")
RSC 86

On 9 Oct. 1991 Curtis Clay (who is revising RIC for Septimius Severus and family) wrote to the prior owner stating that this example was only the second known example. The G. R. Arnold collection did not have one. (CNG sold an example in 2013 for $2,200).

O: P SEPTIMIVS GETA CAES, bare headed draped bust right

R; MINERVAE VICTRICI,  Minerva, helmeted, draped, advancing left, brandishing javelin in right hand and holding shield in left hand; at her feet, snake preceding her.

Ex: WE Collection
Ex: ANA Chicago 1991, London Coin Galleries (CA)