Greece/Paphlagonia; Sesamos late 4th century BCE

AE 18 mm, 4.56g, 6h

SNG BMC Black Sea 1356, RG 177,3., SNG von Aulock 194, SNG Cop----, SNG Stancomb 747, Laffaille-----.

O: Laur. hd of Zeus left.
R: ΣΗ--ΣΑ wreathed head of Demeter left, wearing looped earring and necklace.



Greece/Pamphylia; Aspendus c. BCE 196-186

AR Tetradrachm 29 mm, 16.2 g

With Seleucid c/m on rev in rectangle

SC appendix 4a, 48jj-oo

O: Herakles bust r.

R: AΛΕΞANΔPOY on left of Zeus AΣ on lower left above KE

Seleucid c/m in center right field.

Greece/Seleucid; Alexander I Balas BCE 152-145

AE 19 mm, 5.7g Seleucia in Pieria mint

SC 1802; CSE 2, 456, HSC 902 (R2-3)

O: laur hd of Apollo r. dotted border

R: BAΣΙΛΕΩΣ on the r., AΛΕΞANΔPOY on the left

Greece/Corinthia; Corinth c. BCE 335-306

AE 14.3 mm, 1.772g

BCD Corinth 268; Price Class A, Group VII, 71; BMC Corinth p. 56, 463

O: Pegasus flying l., koppa below

R: ornate trident-head, Nike left, N in circle right

Ex: Prof. Saul Weinberg (1911-1992) Collection

Ex: Kovacs “Corinth lot” December 1980

Ex: BCD Collection