Iran/Sassanian Two Examples

Khushro Anurshivan CE 531-579

AR Drachm, 31 mm, 3.71 g, mint MY=Meshan in S. Iraq
Year 45 =c. CE 575
O: hd of Shah r.
R: Fire altars and attendants

Ex: Windsor Antiquities NY
Acquisition: 2005

Iran/Sassanian; Yazdgard III  CE 632-651

AR Drachm 3.45 g., 23 x 33 mm, Sakastan mint Yr. 3, CE 634-635 

O : corrupted legend that reads « Long Live Yazdgard »
R:fire altar with two attendants,  SK , see Pahlavi example  above right. (on right on coin). Dated Yr. 3 on left in Pahlavi that reads as noted above on the left.   

Large chip from 3-5 o’clock and a large flan crack of about 10 mm in length from 4 o’clock pointing towards but never reaching 11 o’clock.

Acquisition: 2010


Kavad, 2nd reign CE 499-531

AR Drachm, 27.5 mm, 3.76 g, mint AS in Khuzistan(?)
Year 27 or 37(?) =c. CE 507-519
Göbl 187
O: hd of Shah r.
R: Fire altars and attendants

Ex: Amphora/D. Hendin
Acquisition: 2005

Greece/Thessalian League BCE 196-146

AE 17 mm, 3.05 g
GCV 2237 v

O: Hd of Athena r in crested Corinthian helmet, IΠΠAI/[TAΣ] above and beneath.
R: ΘΕΣ/Σ/[ΑΛΩΝ] above and below horse trotting r

Ex: J. Jencek
Acquisition: 2006

Gordian III CE 238-244

AE Sestertius, 33 mm, 22.68 g, Rome mint, CE 243-244

R: Gordian stg r, PM TRP VI COS II PP SC

Ex: Amphora/D. Hendin

Acquisition: 2004

Philip I CE 244-249

AR Antoninianus, 4.8 g, Rome mint, CE 244-245

RSC 103, RIC 40(b)

O: rad cuir bust r. IMP M IVL PHILIPPVS AVG
R: Pax adv l, PAX AETERN

Ex: Copper Penny

Acquisition: 2005

Marcus Aurelius CE 161-180

AE Dupondius, 25 mm, 12 g, Rome mint, CE 175

C. 922, RCV 5046

R: Annona with usual accoutrements stg l, TRP XXIX IMP VIII COS III SC

Ex: Amphora/D. Hendin

Acquisition: 2004

Gratian CE 367-383

AE 3, 18 mm, 2.42 g , Antioch mint, c. CE 378-383

CHK 2695v, RIC IX Antioch 45a (S)

O: DN GRATIA-NVS PF AVG, diad draped bust r.
R: CONCOR-DIAAVGGG/ANTє, Roma std hd facing left. In left field Θ in right field, Φ over K.

Ex: Norman Munoz (TX) “rockman101” via eBay

Acquisition: 2008

Greece/Illyria; Dyrrachium after BCE 229

AR Drachm, 17 mm, 3 g

GCV 1899 v, SNG Cop 459

O: cow stg r suckling calf, above magistrates name in nominative case, around circle of dots, in ex. Rudder (o/c). MENIΣΚΟΣ

R: double stellate or floral pattern within double linear square, above ΔΥΡ(o/c); around name of the Eponymos(?) in the genitive case,[ AP ]/ XIΠ / ΠOY, cf. Maier, 144*

*Maier, Alfred; Die Silberprägung von Apollonia und Dyrrhachion, NZ XLI (1908), p. 1ff.

Ex: Frank S. Robinson
Acquisition: 2005