Roman (Britain) / Constantine II, as Caesar CE 317-337

AE 3/ Reduced Follis (20 mm, 3.26 g) London mint, c. CE 317
RIC VII 117 London (R3)
O : FL CL CONSTANTINVS IVN N C, laur., draped bust r.
R: SOLI INVIC-TO COMITI/S-P in field/ PLN in ex.

Ex: J.S. Vogelaar (1949-2010) Collection

Ex: CNG EA 204, portion lot 384 (11 Feb 2009)

not my normal interest or purchase despite the fact that I have acquired a modest collection of London mint items over the years. The big motivation for this acquisition was Lee Toone's article about Vogelaar in the May 2010 issue of the The Celator.  

According to Lee Toone the following additional information was provided about this piece:   

"Vogelaar only had one example of this coin. It was bought from a British dealer called Cherry (I forget his first name) on 16th October 1990 for £11 ($21.35 US at time-JG) - Vogelaar #198. One of his earlier purchases."