ROMAN/Crispus as Caesar CE 316-326

Bi Reduced Follis, 3.19 g, 20 mm, 12h, London mint CE 318

RCV 16720 variety

RIC VII London 143 variety

Cloke/Toone 8.11.033 (RR)

O: laureate, draped, cuir bust r. FL IVL CRISPVS NOB CAE

R: Sol stg left raising right hand and holding orb in left with drapery falling over left shoulder.
SOLI INVIC-TO COMITI. PLN in ex and crescent in left field.

with thanks to Lee Toone for the Cloke/Toone info.


ROMAN PROVINCIAL/Paphlagonia; Sinope/Geta as Augustus CE 209-212

AE 19 mm, 5.3 g, 6 h, dated 255 corresponding to CE 210.

Lindgren III, 165

O: laur., draped bust right [IMP CAES P SEP] GETA AV
R: Temple front of two columns, with female deity Nemesis (?) stg in center, [C I F  SIN]O ANN
CC[LV] or as Lindgren described the coin "distyle shrine within which Nemesis stg l, r. (hand?) at mouth, l., holding cubit rule" (Lindgren III, page 10, the latter description is from ISEGRIM).

Lindgren also notes NISC "not in sources consulted and perhaps unpublished". Though it is now published in Lindgren (1993) though not found in any other sources nor recent auction records that have been consulted and therefore, possibly a rare or scarce piece.

with thanks to Pekka K and Mark Fox for the information related to the identification of this coin.


GREEK/Seleucid; Demetrios II (First Reign) BCE 144-138

AR Drachm 18 mm, 3.67 g, 1h, ΣI mint perhaps in Cilicia Pedias c. BCE 142-139

SC 1904 (this coin, also SC plate coin)
CSE 875 (this coin)

O: diad hd right, fillet border.
R: BAΣIΛEΩ[Σ]/ΔHMHTPI[OY] in two lines on right.
ΘEOY/ΦIΛAΔEΛΦ[OY]/NIKATOPO[Σ] in three lines on the left.

Date would appear on inner right beneath control, it is possibly present but obscured by an area of flatness.

Control, inner right:  ΣI

Ex: Arthur Houghton (1940-) Collection, CSE 875 “from Lebanon/Beirut”

Plate coin from SC II vol II (plate 26). Noted as “unique” in SC.

Ex: CNG MBS 69 lot 571 (8 June 2005) unsold at close of auction.


ROMAN/Maximianus CE 286-310

AE Post Reform Radiate, 3.18 g, 21 mm, 11h, Cyzicus Mint c. CE 295-299
RCV 13315

O: rad cuir draped bust r IMP C M A MAXIMIANVS PF AVG
R: Maximianus on left receiving victory from Jupiter on right CONCORDIA MI-LITVM with
Kϵ in field between figs above ex.