Small Lot of Seleucid Countermarks

                       A                                                       B                                                       C

A-Possibly Antiochus III?
AE 13 mm, 2.88 g
O: diad. hd rt.
R: Apollo on omphalos
c/m Anchor in circle approx. 5 x 7 mm

B- Demetrius I Soter BCE 162-150
AE 15 mm serratus, 3.12 g
O: Horse hd l.
R: elephant and slightly visible inscription.
SC 1646
SNG Spaer 1300 with anchor in rectangular c/m
this c/m is rectangular but is 5 x 3 mm and appears to be a trident (unlisted in SC for this type)

C- poss. Antiochus I SC 351.1 var. c/m 39?
AE 12 mm, 3.14 g
O: hd of king r
R: Apollo on omphalos
c/m anchor in circle 5mm dia.