GREEK/Nabataean; Aretas IV, with Shaqilat. 9 BCE-CE 40.

AR Drachm (12mm, 3.49 g, 12h). Petra mint. Dated RY?
Cf. Meshorer, Nabataea 111
DCA 975

O: Laureate head of Aretas right Aramaic inscription "Aretas, King of the Nabataeans, lover of his people"
R: Jugate busts of Aretas, laureate, and Shaqilat, draped, Aramaic inscription and RY off flan. "Shaqilat Queen of the Nabateans, Year---"


TIBET; Copper Sho from 16th Cycle 1st year (1927)

AE Sho (5.38 g/24 mm/7h)

Y# 21.2

O: Lion stg left, looking back
R: central legend horizontal


JAPAN/ Kan’ei Tsūhō bun-sen 17th-19th Centuries

25 mm, 1 mm thick. Kameido, Edo, Musashi province, CE 1668-1683

Harthill 4.100

O: 寛永通寳

ISLAMIC/Zanzibar Sultanate; Sultan Barghash ibn Sa'id 1870-1888

AE Pysa, AH 1304/CE 1886

KM# 7  18,680,000 minted

O: زنجبار

R: Scales with the AH year inscribed ١٣٠٤