BYZANTINE; Justinian CE 527-565

AV Solidus, 4.46 g, 21mm, 6h Constantinople mint c. CE 537-542

SB 139

 O: facing portrait in military garb, DN IVSTINI-ANVS PP AVC

R: Victory holding cross in r and globus cruciger in l hand, star in lower right field. VICTORI-A AVCCC Г/CONOB in ex.

Ex: Heritage Auction 378 (2-3 June 2005) lot 12107
Ex: Dr. Kurt Peters Collection


ENGLAND; Tudor; Henry VIII CE 1509-1547

AR Half Groat, 19 mm, 1.24 g, York Mint CE 1531-1544 under Archbishop Edward Lee mm Key
North 1807
SCBC 2348
O: HENRIC VIII D G R AGL Z FR mm Key, crowned bust r.

R: CIVITAS EBORACI around, EL on either side of shield.


BYZANTINE; Alexius III Angelus-Comnenus CE 1195-1203

Billon Aspron Trachy, 26 mm, 2.53 g, 6h, Constantinople mint

SB 2012

O: bust of Jesus facing beardless wearing nimbus, raising r. hand in benediction in l. scroll. IC on left XC on r. +KE ROHϴEI around the outside.

R: [----], Alexius on l, Constantine bearded and nimbate on r both stg facing.