IRAN/Parthia; Mithradates II BCE 123-88 Ex: Sellwood Collection

AR Drachm; 18mm, 4.1g, 12h, Rhagai mint c. BCE 96/5-93/2

Sellwood 28.1
Shore 95
Sunrise 296

O: diad, draped bust l, wearing tiara with ear flap, long beard and torque ending in sea-horse
R: BAΣIΛEΩΣ BA ΣIΛE[ΩN] MEΓAΛOV APΣAKOV/EΠIΦANOV, archer (Arsakes I) seated right on throne, holding bow. 

Ex: David Sellwood (1925-2012) Collection
Ex: Baldwin's 90 Sellwood I; portion lot 1154 (24 Sept 2014)

ISLAMIC/Ottoman; Selim II (Selīm-i sānī) CE1566-1574

AV Sultani; 19mm, 3.45g, 9h, Misr (Cairo/القاهرة‎) mint dated AH 974

Album 1324


IRAN/Parthia; Artabanos III (اردوان سوم) CE 10-38

AR Drachm 21mm, 3.76g, 12h, Ecbatana (Hamadan) mint

Shore 345 (Artabanos II)
Sellwood 63 type

O: diad hd of king left.
R: Arsakes enthroned with bow r, monogram for Ecbatana mint, multilined inscription top, bottow and sides, 8 lines. Appears to be in agreement with Shore.


US Civil War Era Penny

"Indian Head Penny" 1863 CuNi mintage 49,840,000  VF20

Besides Gettysburg and the other domestic US events that occurred in 1863 it was also the year that French Chemist H. M. Mourries developed margarine. How's that for an obscure and otherwise overlooked event from a momentous and horribly bloody year. 


IRAN/Parthia; Phraates IV ( فرهاد چهارم) BCE 38-2 ex Carathéodory Paşa collection

AR Tetradrachm; 14.69g, 26 x 27 mm, Seleucia mint, c. BCE 26-24

Sellwood 51.25-51.43 (date and month off flan) possible mule of 52.1 obs and 51.25 reverse

Shore 272 type

O: long bearded bust left wart on brow

R: King enthroned on left receiving palm from Tyche on rt holding cornucopiae. Year and month in ex off flan.



Bottom (inverted): ΔIKAIOV[with month and year beneath].



Great Britain; Hanover; George II CE 1727-1760

AR Shilling (26mm - 5.95 g). LIMA issue. 1745. 

ESC 1205
SCBC 3703

O: Laureate, draped, and cuirassed old bust left; LIMA below 
R: Crowned cruciform coats-of-arms of England and France, Scotland, Ireland, and Hanover around rayed central Garter star.

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