Greece/Seleucid; Seleucus II Callinicus BCE 246-225

AR Tetradrachm,  30 x 27 mm, 17.09 g., 11h, Uncertain Mint 40 probably in Commagene,

SC C727.5 (control below arrow) (R1 according to Hoover but more like R2 based upon census).

O: diad hd of Seleucus II r. dotted border.

R:  BAΣIΛEΩΣ on r., ΣEΛEYKOY on l., Apollo stg l., testing arrow and resting l. elbow on tripod. Control on outer left NA below arrow.  Reverse is double struck and obverse depicts die abnormalities that are discussed in SC.

Likely Ex: Commerce "Seleucus III" Hoard 2002, as 10 of this variety were part of that hoard with die axes the same as this example. Hoard consisted of approximately 6,500 AR pieces and had a closure around BCE 225/4.
Ex: VAuctions/Triskeles Auctions, Sale 315, Lot 73 (closed 23 April 2015)

A similar example from the same dies was recently sold by CNG:

Auction 421 lot 282 (closed 30 May 2018)
AR Tetradrachm 29.8 mm, 16.78 g and 12h.
Ex: the MNL Collection. & Freeman & Sear Inventory, no. G4043

Greece/Seleucid; Alexander I Balas BCE 152-145

AE 21 mm, 7.47 g., 12h Apamea on Orontes mint, SE 163 (BCE 150-149) without countermark

SC 1804a (control is similar to symbol for Phoenician deity Tanit) (R2)

O: diad hd of Balas r.

R: AΠΑΜΕΩΝ, Zeus stg l holding a Corinthian helmet and resting on a scepter,  helmet above date ΓΞΡ, see above re control.