Judea; Hasmonean; Hycanus II BCE 67, 63-40

Yohanan Hyrcanus II BCE 67, 63-40

AE Prutah, 1.72 g, overstruck on a prutah of Alexander Yannai, H. 467

H. 478

O: Hebrew within wreath over Alexander Yannai inscriptions

R: Cornucopiae overstruck on s/a/a ΛΕ seen at 7 & 8 o’clock from prior coin.

Ex: Copper Penny/Ancient Byways

Acquisition: 2006

Judea; Herodian; Herod Archelaus

Herod Archelaus BCE 4-CE 6

AE Prutah, 1.03 g

H. 506

O: prow of galley H [P W]

R: Inscription EΘΝ within wreath

Ex: Ofek Coins (Israel)

Acquisition: 2005

Greece/Civic Coinage of Syria; Seleucia & Pieria; Antioch BCE 82-81

AE 20 mm, 8.37 g, found in Israel
SG 5853 v

O: laur hd of Zeus rt.
In ex. ΑΛΣ = Seleucid era year of 231 equivalent to BCE 82-81

Ex: Amphora/D. Hendin

Acquisition: 2006