Greece/Seleucid; Seleucus II Callinicus BCE 246-225

AE 19 mm, 5.28 g, Antioch mint after ca. BCE 244
somewhat porous

CSE 52 variety, SC 693, SNG Spaer 412 variety

O: Laureate hd of Apollo r., hair rolled behind with loose wavy locks covering the neck, dotted border.

R: BAΣΙΛΕΩΣ on right, ΣΕΛΕΥKOY on left, tripod. EY outer left, control on outer right not visible.

Ex: SPQR via eBay

Acquisition: 2008


Greece/Seleucid, Antiochus I BCE 281-261

AE 15 mm, 2.54 g, Perhaps Smyrna or Sardes mint, minted late in reign
SC 315 , WSM 1371 v (Newell dates this to c. BCE 277-272)

O: Facing bust of Athena in triple-crested helmet, dotted border
R: Nike adv l holding wreath and palm, BAΣΙΛΕΩΣ on r., ANTIOXOY on l
Primary control on outer left as seen in photo. second off flan perhaps if at all.

Acquisition: 2008


Greece/Seleucid; Demetrius III BCE 97/6-88/7

Æ 19.5 x 20 mm, 7.86g Damascus mint. c. BCE 95-94
SC 2454.5, SNG Spaer 2836

O: Radiate diad. bust r.
R: BACΙΛΕΩC ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟV ΘΕΟV on rt., ΦΙΛΟΠΑΤΟΡΟC CΩΤHPOC, on left. Nike walking r holding wreath and palm branch. dotted border. NI above ΦΙ on outer left field.
In ex. monogram on rt, not visible, and date off flan or not fully visible on this piece.

Ex: The Time Machine (MO)
Acquisition: 2008