Julian II CE 360-363

AE 1; 26 mm, 6.77 g, CE 362-363 Antioch mint
CHK 2641, RIC VIII Antioch 216

O: DN FL CL IVLI-ANVS PF AVG, diad, draped cuir. bust r.
R: Bull r, SECVRITAS REIPVB/palm ANTΓ palm
pitted reverse.

Ex: Amphora/David Hendin

Acquisition: 2003

Islamic/Ayyubid Syria; Halab CE 1237-1260

An-Nasir Salah ad-Din II CE 1237-1260 with Caliph al-Muta'sim CE 1242-1258
AR Dirham, 21 mm, 2.63 g, Halab/Aleppo mint, c. CE 1245-1258
O: al-Malik an-Nasir/bin al-Malik al-'Aziz on outside can be read the word "sana" for year but not much else.
R: al-Imam al-Muta'sim/Amir al-Mu'minin shahada around central design.
Ex: shop in the Suq of Jerusalem's Old City, on Bab as-Silsileh St.
Acquisition: 1987, paid 10 ₪.
In the seven centuries since this coin was minted it possibly moved a mere 521 km +/- (324 mi.+/-) between Halab and Jerusalem, but from the day I purchased it, it moved from Jerusalem to Herzlia and then to the USA (9,000 km or 5,700 mi) where it has remained.

Greece; Seleucid Dynasty; Antiochus IV BCE 175-164

AE 21 mm, 8.6 g, Antioch mint.

BMC 48, CSE 123

O: radiate hd of king r.

cf. I Maccabbees 1:16-19

16 When Antiochus saw that his kingdom was established, he determined to become king of the land of Egypt, in order that he might reign over both kingdoms. 17So he invaded Egypt with a strong force, with chariots and elephants and cavalry and with a large fleet. 18He engaged King Ptolemy of Egypt in battle, and Ptolemy turned and fled before him, and many were wounded and fell. 19They captured the fortified cities in the land of Egypt, and he plundered the land of Egypt.

China; Ming Dynasty CE 1368-1644

Hongwu Emperor, CE 1368-1398, AE Cash, 23 mm, 2.9 g

Schjöth 1137 v

O: Hong Wu Tong Bao

Ex: gift from visiting Chinese Delegation from Shandong Province, portion of a collection of more than 60 examples of Chinese coins from the Cowrie shell to the Min Guo.

Acquisition: 2007

Zhu Yuanzhang, the Hongwu Emperor b. 1328 d. 1398