Greece/Seleucid; Antiochus IV BCE 175-164

AE 16 mm, 3.6 g, Perhaps Ptolemaïs (Ake) mint, after BCE c. 173/2
CSE 788-9, CSE 2, 362, SC 1485.2, SNG Spaer 1144 v

O: Radiate diad hd of Antiochus IV r, one diad end flying up behind and the other falling forward off shoulder, dotted border.

R: BAΣΙΛΕΩΣ on r., ANTIOXOY on l., Artemis stg facing holding torch and bow, dotted border. Control mark on outer left Π with A inside monogram.

Ex: David Liebert
Acquisition: 2008

According to SC II, the authors propose that these issues could well be from Ascalon/Ashkelon as well, due to “the use of reverse dies much smaller than the flans, and frequent off-center strikes….”(p. 93). The edge chip appears to have occurred in antiquity.