ISLAMIC; Timurid Iran, Shah Rukh 1405-1447

AR Tanka, 4.94 g, 22 mm, 7h, Amol (Mazandaran) mint, ND

O: Shahada

R: Duriba/Amol in central circle surrounded by As-Sultan al-'azim Shah Rukh [----]

Great Britain; Hanover; George IV 1820-1830

AR Six Pence, 2.75 g, 19 mm, 6h. dated: 1825

S. 3814

BULGARIA; Second Empire; Ivan Alexander Иван Александър and Michael Asen Михаил Асен CE 1331-1355; Two Examples

AR Grosch, 1.12 g, 19 mm, 6h.
AR Grosch, 1.65 g, 20 mm, 6 h

Both can be described as follows:

O: figure of Jesus stg facing before seat, arms raised, IC XC and monograms across field.

R: Ivan and Michael stg facing each holding cruciform scepter and holding between them a staff topped with a banner. monograms across the field, stars flanking base of the staff.

CHINA/Tang Dynasty 唐朝 CE 618-907

Kai Yuan; 4 g, 24 mm, middle period c. CE 718-732

H. 14u

old label affixed by original collector with "traditional" Chinese character reading "Tang"

O: KAI/YUAN/TONG/BAO (the inaugural currency)
R: crescent above the hole.

Ex: Stephen Album who advised that this came from the "Chang Collection" that was collected between 1916 and 1930.


Greece/Seleucid; Cleopatra Thea & Antiochus VIII BCE 125-121

AE 19 mm, 7.61g, Antioch mint, dated SE 191=BCE 122/1

SC 2263.4b

O: Radiate, diademed hd of Antiochus VIII r., one diadem end waving behind the other falling forward over shoulder, dotted border.

R: ΒΑΣΙΛΙΣΣΗΣ ΚΛΕΟΠΑΤΡΑΣ in two lines on r. ΚΑΙ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΝΤΙΟΧΟΥ in three lines on l., owl standing facing on fallen amphora.

Date in ex on left, A۹ Ρ (SE 191), aphlaston in ex on right

Ex: Dan Clark Auction, April 1984 lot 237


Treasure from Caesarea on display at Israel Museum, article from Coins Weekly

Abu 'Ali al-Mansur al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah. (AH 386-411/996-1021 CE), gold dinar minted in Cairo, AH 403/ 1012 CE. Photographed by Clara Amit, Israel Antiquities Authority as depicted from Coins Weekly and utilized for illustrative purposes only under fair use doctrine.

Read about it by clicking this link.


IRAN/Parthia (Arsakid); Vonones I CE 8-12

AR Drachm 20mm, 3.83g, 12h, Ekbatana mint c. 10-12 CE

Sellwood 60.5
Shore 329

O: diad head left, BACIΛϵYC ONωNHC

R: Nike adv r holding wreath and palm, Ecbatana monogram below. Inscription around the outside in a square BACIΛϵYC/ ONωNHC/NϵIKHCAC/ APTABANON

An interesting propaganda piece for a short lived victory over Artabanus, who was the eventual victor in the struggle with Vonones. Vonones had spent time in Rome as a hostage and seems to have acquired a very Roman boastfulness that didn't serve him well with the Parthian public. For that matter it didn't serve him too well with the Romans either. So much for cross cultural polination two millenia ago. 


IRAN/Parthia (Arsakid); Orodes II BCE 57-38

AR Drachm 4.06 g, 18 mm, Court at Rhagai mint.

Shore 230 v
Sunrise 362
Sellwood 45.9

O: diad bust l, wearing torque with pellet end

R: Arsakes I std r on throne, holding bow, blundered legend to r, Rhagai mint mark

IRAN ایران /Sasanian شاهنشاهی ساسانی /Bahram IV CE 388-399

AR Drachm, 3.9 g, 22 mm, NM ND

Göbl 136 v

O: bust right wearing winged merlon crown with korymbos, distinct name proceeding from bottom right and around to the left. Appears to be “Bahram malkan mazdisn” or “King Bahram, mazda worshipper”.

R: fire altar with ribbons flanked by two attendants.