Greece/ Sikyonia, Sikyon, Circa 330/20-280 BCE

AR Triobol (18 mm, 2.53 gm.)

Obv: ΣΙ, Chimaera standing left.
Rev: Dove flying left; И (retrograde N) O behind.

References: SNG Copenhagen 59; BCD Peloponnesos 301.3 variety,
Coin Hoards III (1977), fig. 10, no. 11 (This coin).

Ex: Talanta Hoard 1948 (IGCH 132)

Ex. BCD Collection

Ex: ANE/Svetolik Kovačević

Acquisition: 2007

Dealer Notes: Good VF, toned. Looks much better in hand.

ICGH 132 notes that the Talanta Hoard was found near Monemvasia, Laconia, Greece in 1948 or earlier. Talanta is inland approximately 10 KM WSW of Monemvasia.

It also notes that Burial was early 3rd century BCE, CNG notes c. BCE 280.

Contents of the hoard consisted of 31 Silver coins.

Alexander III – 1 drachm

Lysimachus- 1 drachm (Colophon)

Boeotia: 1 drachm (this was recently sold by CNG in EA 166:20 on 13 June 2007 for $396 it was Ex:BCD as well and dated from c. 304-294 BCE) as illustrated to rt:

Athens-1 Tetradrachm

Aegina- 1 drachm

Sicyon- 1 triobol (this coin as illustrated above)

Disposition as noted in 1973 was as follows: Athens 6 as listed; private collection ( Presumably BCD since two of the coins [one from an auction, one from sale] were noted as belonging to him), Athens, some.

There is a reference noted : Varoucha Bulletin de Correspondance Hellenique 1949:520

From the BCH 1949, Vol. 73, page 520 http://cefael.efa.gr/result.php?site_id=1&serie_id=BCH

Chronique de Fouilles et découvertes archaéologique en Grèce en 1948 (pp.519 ff)

Musées d’Athènes:

Musée numismatique
—Les principales acquisitions signalées par Mme. Varoukha sont:

b. Six pieces d’argent (une drachme d’Alexandre, une drachme de Lysimaque, trois drachmes de Béotie, une drachme d’Égine, une drachme de Sicyone), faisant partie d’un lot de 31 pièces provenant du village de Talanta près Monemvasie et entré également dans la collection Kyriakis;

[Translation from French by JG:

Chronicle of Archaeological Excavations and discoveries in Greece in 1948 (pp.519 ff)
Museums of Athens:

Numismatic Museum (
http://www.nma.gr/): The principal acquisitions announced by Madame Varoukha are:

Six silver coins (one drachma of Alexander, one drachma of Lysimachus, three drachmas of Beotia, one drachma of Aegina, one drachma of Sicyon), forming part of a lot of 31 pieces coming from the village from Talanta near Monemvasia and also entered the Kyriakis collection.]

In Coin Hoards III (RNS 1977, p. 28) it states the following about the Talanta Hoard, 1948 (IGCH 132)

280 BC

Aegina dr. 13

Sicyon dr. 6

Macedonia Alexander III dr. 3

Philip III dr. 1

Thebes dr. 1

Disposition: in commerce. This is the section of the 'Talanta' Hoard formerly in a private collection. (illustration of this coin is taken from figure 10, p. 29.) This listing accounts for 24 of the 31 coins found in the hoard.