JUDEA/Herodian/Agrippa II אגריפס השני CE 49/50-94/95

מטבע של אגריפס המציג את דיוקנו של אספסיאנוס
AE 26 mm, 19.48 g, 12h, Caesarea Panias mint, Yr 29=CE 77/78

Hendin 1292
Meshorer 172
RPC II 2288
SNG VI: 285

O: AYTOK[------]ICAPI CEBATΩ (celator error missing “C” between A & T).
Laureate bust of Vespasian r.

R: ETOY KΘ BA/AΓPIΠΠA across fields in two lines. Tyche-Demeter stands l wearing kalathos, holding grain ears in r. hand and cornucopia in l. 

Ex: Patrick H.C. Tan Collection


France; Coinage of Daniel Dupuis 1849-1899, 10 centimes

An example of the lovely bronze coinage of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century from France designed by the artist Daniel Dupuis (1849-1899).  

1917, 10 centimes, 10g/30mm, NMM, KM #843 (minted from 1898-1921)
mintage in 1917 was 11,914,000

O: Liberty head r
R: allegory of the Republic protecting her child.

(portrait of Dupuis c. 1881)