Greece/Seleucid/ Antiochus VIII Grypos BCE 121-96

AE 16x17 mm, 5.46 g, Antioch mint, c. BCE 121-120
SGCV 7154, CSE 323 v
O: radiate hd of Antiochus r
R: eagle stg l sceptre in bkgd BAΣΙΛΕΩΣ ANTIOXOY on r, on l. EΠΙΦΑΝΟΥΣ
IE in field to the left, beneath eagle S.E. Date BQP (192)

Ex: CP

Acquisition: 2007

Crispus Caesar CE 316-326

AE 3, 19 mm, 3 g, Siscia mint, CE 317-324
RIC VII Siscia 161 S
O: laur bust r, IVL CRIS-PVS NOBC
R: CAESARVM NOSTRORVM/VOT /dot/V within wreath/ЄSIS*
Ex: CP
Acquisition: 2007

Crispus Caesar CE 316-326

AE 3, 19 mm, 3.2 g, Siscia mint, CE 324-326
CHK 725, RIC VII Siscia 201 R1
O: laur bust r, IVL CRIS-PVS NOBC

Ex: CP

Acquisition: 2007

Constantius II, as Caesar CE 324-337

AE 3, 18 mm, 3.03 g, Siscia mint, CE 324-330
CHK 739, RIC VII Siscia 217 C3
O: laur cuir dr bust left, FL IVL CONSTANTIVS NOBC
R: Campgate, PROVIDEN-TIAE CAESS /ΔSIS crescents
Ex: CP
Acquisition: 2007

Greece/Seleucid/ Antiochus VI Dionysus BCE 145-142

AE Serrated 22 mm, 6.53 g, Antioch mint, c. BCE 143-142
SGCV 708, CSE 248
O: radiate hd of Antiochus as Dionysus r obs o/c to lower r
R: elephant adv l holding torch in trunk, in field to r ΣTA and cornucopia, above BAΣΙΛΕΩΣ/ ANTIOXOY below EΠΙΦΑΝΟΥΣ/[ΔIONYΣOY]

Ex: CP

Acquisition: 2007

Greece/Cilicia; Soloi-Pompeiopolis, Pompey the Great after BCE 66-1st Cent. CE

AE 22, 11.21 g
SGCV 5628 v
O: Hd of Pompey r (star below chin is not visible)
R: Athena stg l holding nike, shield adjacent to r. (no inscription visible though should read ΠΟΝΠΗΙΟΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ ETOYC----)

Ex: CP

sold: 2007


Greece/ Euboia; Histiaea, 3/2 centuries BCE

AR Tetrobol, 3/2 centuries BCE, 2.33 g, 16 mm.

S.2496 v, BMC 64 v., BCD Euboia 392 v., CH VIII (1994), plate XXXIII, 12 (this coin)

O: Nymph hd r (not one of the more pleasing portraits from this series)
R: nymph std on galley, I]Σ T[I]/AIEΩИ (retrograde "N") bipennis under galley with sigma before it.

Dealers auction note: "VF, minimally off-ctr on a good sized flan, tiny edge split, nice metal with lt tone, decent, Ex-BCD with his tag."

Ex: F. Robinson MBS 70, 6 November 2007, 31

Ex: BCD (not in Lanz Catalogue)

According to BCD's tag, "Ex: Aug 85/North of Lari. hd/Cost: 5000 drs"
at that time the drachm exchange would indicate a USD cost of between $43-$50 or thereabouts. (according to my wife who was in Greece in 1985 the drachm was exchanging at 100-115 to 1 USD)

According to Coin Hoards VIII (1994) the hoard in question is #517, North of Larissa, Greece 1985 (or per BCD August 1985).

The hoard was deposited circa BCE 75 and it's contents consisted of 1,260+ silver pieces of which more than 60% were either late Tetrobols of Histiaia or Hellenistic Triobols of Sikyon. The disposition of the hoard is noted as "in trade".

As noted above a number of pieces from the hoard are plated in CH VIII and this particular coin is one of them. (thanks to Sveto K. for the info from CH VIII***)

Photo of CH VIII, plate XXXIII, #12 (as noted above).

Acquisition: 2007
Tantalus ID#35548

Another source regarding this hoard is found in a footnote appearing on p. 200 of John D. Grainger's book The League of the Aitolians (Brill, 1999), footnote #52 reads "The latest hoard to contain an Aitolian coin is dated from c. 75 BC (Coin Hoards VIII, 517, from North of Larisa in Thessaly)." According to CH VIII, 517; only one coin from the hoard was of the Aitolian League and that was a quarter stater.