England; Henry III CE 1216-1272

AR Penny, 1.48 g, IIIb, Moneyer: Willem Mint: Oxford, c. CE 1248-1250
North 987, S. 1363
O: henricvs Rex III
R: WILLEM ON OXON  [William Sarsorius]

Regarding the moneyer, Charles Lewis Stainer writes in his Oxford Silver Pennies from AD 925-AD 1272, Vol. 46, p. xxvi (1904) "Of William Sarsorius I have not much information. He is evidently the same person as William Le Saucer, who was Mayor of Oxford about AD 1258-1259, and signs in that capacity to a deed (St. Aldate, 49) of the Hospital of St. John, now among the monuments of Magdalen College."

Islamic; Umayyad CE 661-750

Caliph 'Abdal-Malik  CE 685-705
AR Dirham, 2.74 g, Damascus mint AH 80 (CE 699-700)
W.353, Album 128