Greece/Calabria; Taras (Tarentum) BCE 380-334

AR Diobol, 1.07 g 14 mm.

Vlasto 1312 (this coin) [note: though once again, the plate photo of the plaster cast bares only a passing resemblance to the actual coin. see below]

O: Hd of Athena r wearing crested helmet upon which Skylla is depicted, on flap of helmet Φ.

R: ------Herakles naked kneeling r. on r. knee grappling with lion, in r. club, in f. above strygil.

Ex: M. P. Vlasto (1874-1936) Collection, 1312 (V.F.)

Ex: Den of Antiquity, UK

Acquisition: 2008
Tantalus ID#35538
Plate photo from Ravel's text on the Vlasto Collection, plate XL. thanks to Don Hay for the scan of the photo and info from the catalogue