ROMAN PROVINCIAL; Syria; Philip I CE 24-248

Bi Tetradrachm; 25 mm, 9.55 g, 6 h, Antioch, CE 248-249

McAlee 947
Prieur 449

O: radiate draped and cuirassed bust r., AYTOK K M IOYΛI ΦIΛIΠΠOC CϵB
R: eagle stg r holding wreath in beak, ΔHMAPX ϵΞ OYCIAC YΠATO Δ in ex.

Ex: Dionysus/Germany
Ex: Warren Esty Collection

Apparently scarce variety counted 12 examples on two sites of which this is one. 

An altar in the Archaeological Museum of Girona, Spain dedicated to Philip from the people of Girona photographed by me during a visit in August 2018, translations in English, Catalan and Spanish appear below.