ROMAN/Vespasian CE 69-79 Ex: North Suffolk Hoard (UK) 2009

AR Denarius, 18 mm, 3.2 g Rome mint CE 70-71

RIC 46, RCV 2312, RSC 561

O: [IMP] CAES VESP AVG PM, laur bust r.

R: TRI POT, Vesta std l. holding simpulum.

Ex: North Suffolk Hoard (UK), 2009 PAS SF-413CE5 (deposit sometime after CE 83)


Coin #201


Ex: Morton & Eden Auction 49 (9 June 2011) portion of lot 348

“This hoard of 206 Roman silver coins was discovered by metal detector users John Halles and Norman Howard in April and May 2009. The coins appear to have been concealed in a small pit in the ground with no evidence of a container present. The earliest coins date to the 2nd century BC and the latest to the reign of Domitian, around AD 82-83. Of special interest are denarii of the Imperatorial period including issues of Pompey, Julius Caesar and Mark Antony as well as Imperial denarii of Augustus, Caligula, Claudius, Nero and the emperors of the Civil War of AD 68-69, Galba, Otho and Vitellius.

Nine coins have been purchased by the British Museum and the remainder are offered here. A synopsis of the hoard has been published in the 2010 edition of The Numismatic Chronicle, p. 409 no. 8. The coins are mainly offered in the condition in which they were discovered although some of the better preserved examples have been lightly cleaned to remove encrustation. All coins are identified in paper envelopes.” – from the Auction catalogue