Great Britain/Hanover; Victoria 1837-1901

AR 1 1/2 d., 0.69 g, 11 mm, minted for use in Ceylon & Jamaica, 1839, mintage 760,000

KM# 728
SCBC 3915

ex: Stephen Album

DDR 50 pf 1950-A

Aluminum/Bronze, 3.38g, East Berlin mint 1950, 67,703,000 mintage

KM # 4

O: denomination above date and below Deutschland
R: plow in front of factory with tall smokestacks.


ROMAN/Maximianus CE 286-310

AE Antoninianus (----mm, 3.69 g) Tripolis mint, c. 286-290 CE

RIC V 626 var.
RCV 13144 var.

O: IMP C M AVR VAL MAXIMIANVS PF AVG, rad, cuir., bust right.
R: IOVI CONSERVATOR--I AVGG/TR in field and palm branch on left XXI in exergue.
Emperor on left receiving Victory from Jupiter