ARMENIA; Cilician Armenia; Levon I (Լեւոն Ա Մեծագործ) CE 1198-1219

AR Tram, 22 mm, 3.03 g, 1h.

CCA 132 type

O: king std facing on throne, Levon King of the Armenians in Armenian around.
R: two lions rampant back to back with patriarchal cross between "by the will of god" in Armenian around.

GREECE/Thrace; Chersonesos c. BCE 386-338

AR Hemidrachm, 13 mm, 2.48g.

BMC Thrace p. 183, 8,9
McClean 4056
Deming 1301
SNG Cop 824-826
SG 1602

O: forepart of lion right with head left
R: quartripartite incuse pattern, with raised and sunken quarters, sunken quarters each contain a pellet.

GREECE/SELEUCID; Antiochos VII Sidetes BCE 138-129


AR Drachm, 18mm, 4.1 g, 12h, Tarsus mint
SC 2058.1a
SNG Lockett 3163

O: Diademed bust right

R: BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIOXOY on right, EYEΡΓETOY on left, Sandan standing atop winged lion; monograms ΛY, with ME below, to outer left

Ex: Akropolis (Peter Burbules)