Greece/Seleucid; Alexander II Zabinas BCE 128-122

AR Tetradrachm 29 mm, 16.54 g Antioch mint

SC 2219.2d, SMA 341, NY 1944.100.76738, CH VIII, plate LXVII #3 (this coin)

O: diad hd of Alexander II r diad ends falling behind in gentle waves, fillet border

R: [B]AΣΙΛΕΩΣ on r., AΛΕΞΑΝΔPOY on l., Zeus enthroned l. resting l hand on scepter, extending r hand beyond legend and holding Nike facing l extending wreath toward edge of coin.

Controls outer l and AI under throne

EX: Tartous Hoard 1987 (CH VIII, 471 & CH X, 322)

cf. example in Berlin with same reverse die