Islamic/Ayyubid; Salah ad-Din al-Ayyubi "Saladin" CE 1169-1193

AE Fals, 4.27g, Damascus mint AH 587/CE 1191-1192

Balog 147

O: al-Malik/an-Nasir with fleur de lis above al-Malik and a crescent above an-Nasir
around the date of which only "500" can be clearly read.

based on the ornaments, this is clearly Balog 147

R: Yusuf/bin Ayyub in center and around duriba bi-Dimashq "struck at Damascus" 

England/Plantagenet; John Lackland CE 1199-1216

AR Cut Short Cross Penny c. CE 1207-1216

O: [HEN]RICVS RE[X]  5b type
R: short cross ILGER O[N LVNDE]

SCBC 1351
North 976/1 var.