Greece/Seleucid; Demetrius II Nikator BCE 129-125 (Second Reign)

AE 18 mm, 5.17 g, 12h, Beirut mint.

SC 2185, CSE 710 v, HSC 1135 (R2)

O: diad., hd r. beardless, diad ends falling straight behind (though obv is o/c), dotted border.

R: ΒΑ[ΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΥ] curving on r., in Phoenician script curving to left “Of Laodicea, mother (i.e. metropolis) in Canaan”. Ba’al Berit (Poseidon) stg facing holding phiale and trident, dotted border. Rev. mintmark ΛA to l., and Phi with O above to right. With control in r. field above.