Islamic/ Artuqids of Mardin; Najm ad-din Alpi AH 547-572/CE 1152-1176

AE Dirham; 31 mm, 11.95 g, 2h, obs. slightly double struck

Spengler/Sayles 27

O: based on obs of a tetradrachm of Antiochus VII Sidetes, with the laqam Najm ad-Din inscribed on the subject's neck. dotted border.

R: Inscription within dotted border reading: Malik al-Umara Abul-Muzaffar Alpi bin Timurtash bin al-Ghazi bin Artuq

                                         Example of the type the Artuqid piece was based upon,
                                         which was issued almost 1,300 years before the Artuqid