IRAN ایران /Sasanian شاهنشاهی ساسانی /Kurush II Parviz CE 590/1-628

AR Drachm 31mm, 4.1 g, 9h, YZ (Yazd) mint. Regnal year 28/CE 617-618

Göbl 212 

O: XUSRUI AFZUT  “Khusro, may he increase”

R: on right YZ on left regnal date "Hashtvist"/


the Pahlavi text can be found at the following URL: http://www.beastcoins.com/Sasanian/Sasanian.htm along with additional helpful info for the beginner regarding Sasanian coins 

The above example is as struck by the Sasanian mint authorities, the example below has seen greater circulation and has evidence of having been clipped down to a later standard that appears to be an Islamic Dirham standard. It is also a Drachm of Kurush II Parviz, but is 27 mm in diameter and weighs 2.68 g. The coin appears to date from late in Kurush's reign, perhaps year 37 (?) and possibly the Nihavand mint.