ROMAN/ Maximianus CE 286-310

AE Follis, 27 mm, 9.78 g, London mint c. CE 303-305

RCV 13237

O: laur cuir bust r, IMP C MAXIMIANVS PF AVG

R: Genius stg l, holding patera and cornucopia, GENIO


EX: Triskeles Auctions 23 (6 April 2018) lot 590

ROMAN/ Maxentius CE 306-312

AE Follis, 24x26mm,   5.9 g, Ostia mint, CE 309-312
RIC VI Ostia, 35
O: IMP C MAXENTIVS P F AVG; laureate head right.
R: AETERNITAS AVG N; Castor and Pollux standing facing each other, each leaning on sceptre with outer left arm and holding bridled horse. in ex. MOSTS