ISLAMIC/’Abbasid; Harun ar-Rashid هَارُون الرَشِيد‎‎ AH 170-193/CE 786-809

AR Dirham, 2.93 g, 23 mm, ---h, ar-Rafiqah الرفقة mint (Syria) AH 188/CE 804-805

Album 219.2 (S)

Ar-Rafiqah was Harun ar-Rashid’s capital during his reign. It is now known as the town of Raqqah in Syria which in turn is the “capital” of Da’esh داعيش aka ISIS.

O: بسم الله ضرب هذا الدرهم بالرفقة سنة ثمان و ثمنين و مية

R: anonymous reverse with just محمد رسول الله in three lines in the center field above the dot.



ROMAN PROVINCIAL; Syria; Philip I CE 24-248

Bi Tetradrachm; 25 mm, 9.55 g, 6 h, Antioch, CE 248-249

McAlee 947
Prieur 449

O: radiate draped and cuirassed bust r., AYTOK K M IOYΛI ΦIΛIΠΠOC CϵB
R: eagle stg r holding wreath in beak, ΔHMAPX ϵΞ OYCIAC YΠATO Δ in ex.

Ex: Dionysus/Germany
Ex: Warren Esty Collection

Apparently scarce variety counted 12 examples on two sites of which this is one. 

An altar in the Archaeological Museum of Girona, Spain dedicated to Philip from the people of Girona photographed by me during a visit in August 2018, translations in English, Catalan and Spanish appear below.



GREECE/Seleucid; Seleucus I Nicator BCE 312-281

AR Drachm, 4.01g, 16 mm, 6 h, Seleucia on Tigris II mint, from c. 296/5 BCE

SC 131.5a

ESM 77

O: Laureate head of Zeus right
R: Athena brandishing a shield and spear in a elephant quadriga right, anchor and monograms above  A/T  behind Athena and Θ above the elephants. Dotted border.  BAΣIΛEΩΣ on l., and ΣEΛEYKOY in ex.  

GREECE/Seleucid; Antiochus IX Philopator BCE 114-95

AE 18-20 mm, 5.34 g,  11 h, minted probably in Phoenicia, c. BCE 112-101

SC 2388.8 type

SNG Spaer 2743

O: Bust of winged Eros r. dotted border
R: [B]AΣΙΛΕΩ[Σ] ANTIOXOY in two lines on r., ΦΙΛΟΠATOP[OΣ] on l., Nike adv l., holding wreath.

Ex: WKR Collection

cf. please refer to very interesting information pertaining to this type in SC II vol I pp. 542-544.


HAWAI'I/Kalakaua I 1874-1891

AR 25 c (6.21 g) KM #5 (mintage: 500,000 but 242,600 remain after redemption and melting) 


R: UA MAU KE EA O KA AINA I KA PONO/1/4/ D./HAPAHA, crown above COA dividing ¼ and D.

Note: (from Wikipedia) "Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono is a well-known Hawaiian phrase which was adopted as the motto of the state of Hawaii. It is commonly translated as "The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness".

The motto is also utilized by the Hawaiian sovereignty movement having been the motto of the Kingdom of Hawaii before it's overthrow by American business interests in 1893. The motto appears to be the one constant connecting Hawaii past and present.

Iolani Palace, Honolulu constructed during the reign of Kalakaua and the only royal palace on US soil