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ENGLAND. Middlesex. London. Wm. Webster (1821-1885)  Brass Farthing (20mm - 3.13 g). WM. WEBSTER / SUCCESSOR TO WM. TILL / 7 Gt. RUSSELL ST. COVt. GARDEN LONDON / DEALER IN ANCIENT AND MODERN COINS, MEDALS, ANTIQUES &c.. BWS 2990; Bell 29; Batty 569. 

His address was actually 17 Gt. Russell St, Covent Garden but this token is an example of a rare error address as reported in a sale of a similar example by DNW 13 Mar 2002. Webster was active as a successful coin and medal dealer from 1851-1885 and this token likely dates from this period.

It is noted by Forrer that he issued a token in brass that was produced by William Joseph Taylor (1802-1885) cf. http://sculpture.gla.ac.uk/view/person.php?id=msib4_1239728552

William Webster 1821-1885

The Numismatic Chronicle 1885


ISLAMIC/'Abbasid Governors of Tabaristan; Hani b. Hani CE 788-790

AR Hemidrachm, 23mm, 1.92 g, 6h, Tabaristan mint PYE 137/AH 172-3/CE 788-789

Album 69

O: stylized bust of Khushro II, with Arabic inscription in front هانى, ("Hani"), Pahlavi inscription to left "may his glory increase" and in margins "excellent" and "good".

R: Fire altar with two attendants Pahlavi date to left and mint name TPRWSTAN to right.

Hani was appointed by Caliph Harun ar-Rashid CE 786-809