GREECE/Seleucid; Antiochos IV Epiphanes BCE 175-164 Brockage

AE 16 mm, 3.47 g, Ake Ptolemais mint  BCE 175-c. 173/2

SC 1477.2j (this coin illustrated on page 60 of SC Vol. II Part II "fig. 9" and identified as 2k).

Text in SC reads "Antiochus IV brockage demonstrating that central cavities and circular scratches were on the flan prior to striking" coin is also mentioned in the text above the photo that accompanies the description.

Control is definitely M (2j) rather then the M monogram as shown in 2k.

ex: CNG
ex: MNL Collection (was identified as Seleukos IV but it clearly is not)
ex: Oliver Hoover Collection, Burlington, ON per SC


GREECE/Seleucid; Antiochos II BCE 261-246

AR Drachm, 18 mm, 4.14 g, 6h, Aï Khanoum mint, c. BCE 261-256

SC 619v.

ESM 708-710

SMAK A2A1D-1 (this coin illustrated plate 63)

HGC 9, 246e (R3)

O: diad hd r of elderly Antiochos I

R: BAΣIΛEΩΣ on right ANTIOXOY on left with control Δ on inner left below arrow.


Ex: CNG e-sale 08/13/2001, lot 63743 (sold as Antiochos I by CNG et al)



Euro Coins of the Baltic States 2011-2017/ €2 Examples

Estonia, 2011(mint of Finland) LD-K8 11,000,000 minted

Latvia, 2014 (State mints of Baden-Wurttemburg, Stuttgart) LC-K8, 20,000,000 minted

Lithuania, 2017 (Vilnius Mint) LB-K8, mint run n/a yet.