Greece/Coele-Syria; Ptolemy son of Mennaeus, Dynast of Chalkis c. BCE 85-40

AE 19 x 20 mm, 5.08 g

Lindgren III, 1219-1220 variety, SG 5897 variety, BMC 20, p. 279, 2 variety.

O: diad. hd of Zeus r., indistinct cmk at 9 o’clock but may be the “Cleopatra” cmk whose classification at present is speculative according to the Forum catalogue website. http://www.vcoins.com/ancient/forumancientcoins/store/viewItem.asp?idProduct=8672&large=0

R: Dioscuri stg facing

Acquisition: 2009

According to BMC, Chalkis is modern Anjar near Heliopolis (Baalbeq).